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Is there halal options?

Yes they do, halal also means 'it's permissible', so yes all the vegan options they have can work for you.

Do they have gift certificates?

Don't know but i would go somewhere else..Food not that great

When are they opening in Farmington Hills??

Monday coming up

When will Jackson location open?

I do not know when but, if you call the Westland Anna's House; I am sure they would be happy to answer your questions.

Does Anna's House offer any discounts for senior citizens?

Unsure about senior discounts but still definitely worth the trip for 1 experience

Will Anna's be open today

They typically close at 3pm.

Do the have a nutrition listing on their menu items?

They list if items are gluten free and vegan etc but I don't recall calorie info etc.

Are they still open for business?! Tried calling 2 different times today and no one answered...

Yes,they are open but only for breakfast and lunch.

Are there more locations

Yes, there's multiple locations - including one opening in Ann Arbor soon. Check out for specific details.

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